Special Thanks to All For Donations

Many people have called me and asked me if I needed anything. Very few came through.

The lovely ladies who cooked for our clients, Craig Montalbano who has provided our Agency with clothing donations all year round, my Board of Directors who are always on Board, and James O’Connell; a real gentleman/dude, who bought and brought us Masks! I don’t have to mention Mario from Salerno’s- I call my Brother! He, his sons, and staff are Angel’s all year round to our Agency!

And OUR Assemblywoman, Maritza Davila! She calls me daily to ask if I’m well, if my staff are well. If my clients need anything. I told her we needed hand sanitizer. She rolled up in front of my office today and called me to come outside. She brought hand sanitizer! Two Gallons of it for staff to refill their empty bottles. I was about to cry, because it’s not like we can’t afford it; everywhere we tried to order price gauged or won’t deliver until June, and we were running out after providing to our clients.

Maritza Davila never stops! She’s always on a roll! If it’s not delivering food to a family, it’s delivering masks to those in our community, to asking is everyone okay.

Thanks Assemblywoman for being a true leader and giving meaning to the words, “public servant”!!!

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