LNE staff embrace and use Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) when providing direct individual and group services to clients. According to the REBT framework, human beings have both innate rational and irrational tendencies. LNE staff use REBT to teach clients how to identify irrational and self-defeating beliefs and replace them with healthier and more rational beliefs.


Through our MSA program, we take a holistic approach to caring for our clients. LNE staff provide targeted prevention and high impact supportive services to people living with HIV and individuals at high risk for HIV transmission. The aim of the MSA program is to provide clients the knowledge and skillsets necessary to decrease risky sexual and drug using behaviors, encourage HIV awareness, testing, and treatment adherence so that clients may live their healthiest lives. Interventions provided under our MSA program include the following:

Interventions Delivered to Individual Level (IDI)

LNE’s IDI program is designed to engage HIV-negative individuals or individuals who do not know their HIV status to conduct face-to-fact risk assessment to gauge their knowledge of HIV transmission, personal HIV risk behaviors and willingness to change risky behaviors. Enrolled individuals are taught skills to minimize or eliminate behaviors that may increase their risk for HIV transmission. All written materials for this program are available in English and Spanish.

Interventions Delivered to Groups (IDG)

Understanding the power of group interventions, LNE designed a series of 6 week structured groups for residents of El Regreso’s substance abuse in-patient Men’s and Women’s treatment facilities. Over the years, LNE has witnessed how a group setting allows the shy individual to benefit from individuals who have developed the ability to openly and public speak about sensitive matters concerning their overall health.

Health Navigation Services (HNS)

Through our HNS initiative, LNE staff provide clients with referral and accompaniment services to people living with HIV and at high risk for HIV transmission.


A Narcan Kit is a First Aid Kit

LNE opioid overdose prevention Outreach Staff conduct overdose prevention trainings and distribute Narcan kits to active substance users/abusers and their peers, friends and family members. Outreach takes place in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint.


Through LNE’s SCG program Latinx and African-Americans living with HIV and their family members receive targeted case management services. Services focus on linkage to HIV primary care, improved adherence to medical regiments, and improved clinical outcomes. Clients of this program have a history of substance use or are actively consuming alcohol and/or illicit drugs, face literacy and language barriers, and are at risk of disengagement in HIV primary care. Services are offered at LNE and in the clients’ home.


LNE provides comprehensive food and nutrition services to Latinx and African-American clients living with HIV who are food insecure, at risk for malnutrition, and in need of food and nutrition counseling services. Food services are offered to clients via congregate meals, pantry bag distribution and homebound client meal delivery services. LNE FNS staff offer clients freshly cooked, nutritionally sound breakfast, lunch and dinner options Monday through Friday.